Branched Seaweed Wall Hanging

Branched seaweed wall hanging.jpg
Branched seaweed wall hanging.jpg

Branched Seaweed Wall Hanging


Branched Seaweed Wall Hanging is an original design inspired by seaweed on the California beach.  All the fabrics used in this piece are environmental fibers. The background is hemp/organic cotton, with a hemp tencel applique in a java brown color. The applique is cut in one piece, with hand stitching on each blade to add the texture of the kelp. 

All work is done by the artist, using techniques inspired by traditional Hawaiian methods. The applique is hand cut, hand sewn and hand quilted. 

Dimensions-57 1/2" x 17"  with 2 1/2" loops for hanging
Background fabric-55% hemp/45% organic cotton
Applique fabric-55% hemp/45% tencel in Java brown

(The driftwood shown in the picture is NOT included, since it won't fit in the shipping box. The wall hanging can be hung using any rod, bamboo or hooks on the wall)

Swatches available upon request

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