Indigo Kelp Forest

Kelp Forest pillow Indigo.jpg
Kelp Forest pillow Indigo.jpg

Indigo Kelp Forest


Kelp Forest pillow is an original design inspired by seaweed on the California beaches. The kelp applique fabric blend of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton that is hand cut, and hand sewn with stitching on the blades to give the texture.After adding the texture, the background is hand quilted using a echo quilting technique, inspired by Hawaiian traditional quilting. The back of the pillow matches the applique fabric with buttons, so that the cover can be removed for laundering.

The pillow insert is custom made using 100% organic cotton muslin, filled with organic kapok.

Dimensions- 21" x 21"


Applique and background fabric made of 55% hemp/45% organic cotton

Pillow insert-kapok in a 100% organic cotton case

Coconut shell buttons

Swatches available upon request

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